— work in progress —


Google: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/302341468126264791/What-a-waste-a-global-review-of-solid-waste-management

Google: https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Waste+Data+Flow&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=Wm4CWIaCKsP38Ae987HIBw

Cool stuff:

**Tom Szaky’s book, CEO of TerraCycle.
** http://londonist.com/2016/09/zerowastelondoners

Google: http://earth911.com/business-policy/support-sustainable-product-design/
Google: http://www.londonwaste.co.uk/

Ways to start zero waste:

  1. TOTE BAG instead of plastic (from organic cotton)
  2. don’t take receipt when checking balance at your Atm (or check your abank statement online/on the phone)
  3. REUSABLE WATERBOTTLE, Instead of plastic bottles
  4. Get a COFFEE CUP/thermos for coffee/tea, instead of takeaway cups.
  5. Sign up for electronic statements instead of mail ones:P
  6. Bamboo brush (instead of plastic) not better than electronic tho(?)
  7. Lush unpackages soap/ teeth things / without packaging
  8. Stainless razor, instead of plastic.
  9. Farmers’ market instead of shops.
  11. No to reusable straws or cutlery
  12. REUSABLE PADS or MENSTRUAL cup instead of 😛
  13. KITCHEN stuff
    1. Washable and compostable rag
    2. dish brush with a wooden handle
    3. EITHER compostable wooden pott brush with coconut fibers
    4. OR recycleble copper pot scrub
  14. compostable DENTAL FLOSS
  15. INK for REUSABLE pen
  16. Notebook from STONE
  17. Bea Johnson: Zero Waste Food supplies

^Change your everyday products for sustainable ones.


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