Planning how to plan a project

This is probably one of the hardest things during the life cycle of the project – deciding time frames and how should I go about making this project a reality. So far I’ve only had 1 good experience with delivering a group project, where although we had a small time frame (3 weeks), we were able to make everything look and function amazing, with our mark being around 90%.

But last time I had good developers, who made everything I tell them to make, a reality. This time I’m on my own. And so far, thinking about the project timeline has been rather frustrating. I don’t know how long each thing will take me and I don’t know what the-right-thing-to-start-with is.

Luckily, as part of my ‘First report’, I need to make Gantt’s chart and after seeing a few examples online, I think it may tremendously ease my planning. Here are a few good examples.

(1) (2) (3)

Based on the slides by company called Inflectica Technologies (link to slides), they describe such approach in Application Development.

  1. Business (“Background”) Analysis
    1. Develop understanding of a business problem and discuss business objectives / goals / achievements.
  2. Requirement gathering
    1. Software features, functionalities and integration requirements.
    2. Project Plan is drafted.
    3. Time estimated revised.
  3. Architecting & Design
    1. Definition of all logical sequences, processes and operations expected in the software.
    2. Diagrams explaining all data parameters, features and functionality.
    3. development of UI.
    4. Deliverables:
      1. Work Flow and Business Process Diagram(?)
      2. Topology Diagram(?)
      3. UML Diagram
      4. UI screens/wireframes
      5. Database schemas (relationship, tables, objects)
      6. User cases (for all operations in the software)
      7. Test cases for all events that will be qualified and tested during QA
      8. revised project plan including milestone deliveries
  4. Development
    1. Development on the basis of scope doc (made in stage 1)
  5. Testing and evaluation
    1. functional testing (?)
    2. boundary testing (?)
    3. compatibility testing (?)
    4. deliverables:
      1. unit / case / compatibility / stress / unit tests
    5. ** more on that here (jeroen’s slides)
  6. Deployment
    1. Upload to app store
    2. Deliverables:
      1. Source Code
      2. Full software documentation
      3. User guide / manual
  7. Support & Maintenance



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